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July 8, 2009

I am gearing up for the marketing class tonight.  The class will be hosted at the Disney Entrepreneurial Center in downtown Orlando.  This is a great resource for people working to start their own business.  I have a list of things I need to do to market, a couple stores of interest to sell in, and a couple of markets to chase.  The thing is I am alway running out of time to make more products and to market them.  I am meeting with my friend, Michael tomorrow to see if he can give some assistance.  I am concerned I will leave tonight with a huge list of things to do… but that will be great for dividing out to Michael and paying him a commission or something.

My newest attempt at marketing will be to publish my calendar here.  I hope to put a market calendar up to show people where I will be and when.  This should be fun 🙂  We’ll see.

I also started a facebook for my business. I might turn this into my blog site… or just feed what I do here onto there. The cool thing is that I can have people become a fan of my site and look thought the photo albums of what I have. It is very easy to manage.

I have also put out my feelers on hiring someone. I am looking for independant, self-starting sellers. It would be to sell in your local shops. Feel free to co

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