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Waterford Market and OURM

July 26, 2009

Yesterday I spent the day in the sweltering heat of the Waterford parking lot. Business went well and I met a lot of awesome people. The featured charity was Water for People. Check ’em out 🙂

I uploaded a video of the shop on my facebook page. It has a song courtesy of my friend Joel. Hopefully next time he will bring his guitar and we can record some of the songs he came up with. Very creative guy! It made it much more fun…. though he stinks at cutting gift boxes 😉 If you ever watch to catch an actual performance of Joel’s, he play at Cup O’ Soul in Winter park on ope mic nights, (fridays.)

This week I will try to get pics up of all my new pieces. There are a lot… maybe 40 or so! I sold all my blushers and birdcage net hats. They were a hit…. you should see more of them in the future.

Last wednesday I volunteer at the Orlando Union Rescue Mission. I worked in the nursery and had a great time playing with some of the sweetest little babies in Orlando. It was while I was there I decided that this would be my next partnership. OURM is a home for homeless women. It is more of a long term place so they can get on their feet. I spent a good part of the day teaching these two toddlers tumbling, which I taught a little bit when I was in college. It was there I came up with the idea for coach for clips, a program where girls from junior high to college can volunteer in homeless shelters. battered women’s shelters, places like the Ronald McDonald house. It can be as organized as a aerobics class or as laid back as shooting hoops in the gym. But if any student volunteers for one hour, she will receive one barrette from the $7 or less, or for two hours she can get a $15 barrette. I hope to encourage giving in our own local community with this program. I will go back to OURM to teach women how to make jewelry. If anyone is interested in joining me or participating in this program, please e-mail me at

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  1. August 12, 2009 4:10 pm

    love love love your creations! i’m so proud of you and love your new idea for “coach for clips.” girl, that is rockin’! can’t wait to come see one of your shows… ❤

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