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Blow Out not a Blow Up

September 15, 2009

A personal note: (you can read more personal stories and blogs on my old-school Xanga.)

I have been needing new tires for quite a while, they told me I would new tires when I bought the CRV in 2007… well, I forgot and or couldn’t afford them when I remembered. Last month, I was warned that they will blow out any time… and this week they started thumping and jerking to the right. My biggest issue has been time, “When am I going to do this?”

Well, the time is now. Literally. They are being replaced, balanced, aligned, recycled and well, whatever else they do. I was driving to them as that pull and thump got louder and louder. I mile before I reached the tire place there was a thump, bang, crash and I am on the side of the road. It wasn’t a COMPLETELY blown out yet and my bike rack prevented me from getting the spare off (lesson learned: carry an allen wrench in that emergency pack.) So, I felt the only option was to keep driving on this tire where the treads where blown off and slapping my fender with each rotation of the wheel. (Who’s your daddy?) I drove through the prestigious Winter Park in my temporary klonker (I cannot truly call my car a klonker.) Bang bang bang bang, all those well dressed folk wakened from their slumber to catch a red-faced girl praying her car would make it that last mile. Well, it did, and yeah, I get one free tire. I walked to Whole Foods and grabbed a bite and whoa, the massage girl was giving away free five-minute massage. Heaven!

So, let me tell you about Margo (of Take 5 massage.) She is gifted, and you’d have to be to send people to heaven near the check out counter of even Whole Foods (aka: organic bliss.) *Beep, Beep, Beep, Cha-ching* does nothing for finding my happy place, or so I thought. I was immediately relaxed! I didn’t even need the headset they have to help relax you. So if ever you need a 10 minute sneak massage ($13- $1 an hour plus $3 if you want any more than that or 1hr for $50), Check her out. Here is her website: Take 5 Massage She is at Whole Foods Monday and Tuesday from 4-9 or if you prefer another location, you can check her out at Winter Park Athletic Club. I do highly recommend her!

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