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Infusion Update

November 5, 2009

There was a story about one of the stores I am in done in the Sentential. Here it is:

New name for gift boutique

Cottage Industry Co-op—a gift boutique on Edgewater Drive in College Park that features locally handcrafted goods—has undergone a change in name and ownership. The shop now goes by the name Artistree Co-op. Local jewelry designer Elena Kegler and potter Lynne Martin have purchased the shop from founders Brad and Christina Cowherd, who still own the adjoining Infusion Tea café.

In other news, we do have an event coming up.   Go Green for the Holidays is November 19th. This is such a fun event that I encourage you to bring your families and your friends.  It happens to be on the third Thursday which means you can go get green gifts for loved ones and go to Green Drinks afterward and learn about greening your life (we will be having a speaker this month who rebuilt his car to run on batteries.  You can come meet him, learn and teach other greenies, and drink local beer.)  I don’t know, sounds like your night is planned 🙂

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