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Do ya Wanna Know How??

December 4, 2009

Sure ya do!  You want to know how to make these cool little bags for yourself!

Well, I’ll teach you. I will be demonstrating how to make them at the Holiday on the Drive on December 12.  This is an event sponsored by Downtown College Park and features Santa Claus in Albert Park.  OI will be in a tent out in front of Infusion Tea House from 4pm til 6pm.  There will be other tents featuring live artist demonstrations.  The demos will be free flowing — each artist doing their own thing – no presentation – just art happening on the spot.

During these demonstrations, we will have music from Zion Cruz and Lauren Lester – music is from 4 til 6. After the outside music, Infusion Tea is having a musician inside at 7pm.  We will open the doors of the shop and invite our guests to enjoy the music inside.

I would like to invite all of you to come! As much as I would love to sell you one of these little cuties, if you can’t but can still help reduce waste by making one yourself, then hey, I am still accomplishing everything I truly desire 🙂

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