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January 17, 2010

Do you feel like you have finally been able to take a breath?  For many, it came after the holidays: no more parties, shopping, the kids are finally back in school.  For me, that moment came today.  I am taking the next three weeks and going out of town.  Taking a breather.  I am so excited.  The last week was one of my busiest ever.  In one week I finished my contract for selling in four… yeah, that’s right, FOUR new stores.  Suffice to say, I have been too (wonderfully) busy.

But now, I am taking a break from barrettes and focusing on writing.  I have been hired to help write a book and I have let myself get too busy to actually do it.  But now, that is my only focus: to write.  Gloriousness!

I still hope to update you on trends and I am still taking orders… though I cannot accept any job that needs be done before Valentine’s.  Speaking of update I just saw this web article:

Ladies Fashion Trend Predictions for 2010

Of course, feathers are the first thing mentioned.  Though my specialty is feather hairpieces, I am feathering up some bags!  If you have a bag you would like to add some feathers too (or shoes)  contact me.  It’s so green to spice up old stuff and use them longer!  Especially my feathers, where the birds mostly come from free-range farms and depending on your interest, I can help you stay clear of birds that are even sold for food.  (Look for an article soon on this!)

Some examples of what I can do are (some feathers I can change the color or offer variations):

Well, that’s your feather update!

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  1. Scott Welch permalink
    January 19, 2010 9:20 pm

    Ok, I’m slightly jealous that you get to take time off to write a book. =)

    Are you going to tell us what it’s about?


  1. Breath! « KarieSue Creations | Drakz Free Online Service

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