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Java Lava

January 23, 2010

I was downtown and in between meetings, so I decided to run a quick errand to the Post Office (how is it that the downtown PO is the worst in the city.  They have no APC (Automated Postal Centers) which I always prefer. )  Well, it was on that errand that I happened upon Java Lava.  A very cute local restaurant and coffee place tucked away on Robinson East of Orange.

The joint is owned by a man names Frankie Lavallette  and a guy named Bob (dun know his last name.)  They came up with the store name by mixing the name of his home town and his last name together. (Which when I first saw the name, I thought it was Hawaiian coffee.  The disappointment didn’t last long.)  So, really, what I loved about this place was the front of the store.  You could lock your bike up to a little tree out front (there are two) and have a cup of Joe and some bread-y sandwich thing (not anything I would really have… not too much of a sandwich girl) outside in their cast iron  tables and pretend for a moment that your not in Orlando.  All joking aside, it really is a nice place and the people who work there are very friendly.  You also have a beautiful view of the Diocese… which is what??  I don’t know.  A very beautiful building.

You really should check it out if your in the Orlando area.

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