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February 4, 2010

Many of you are registered with Orlando Freecycle.  If so you know the amount of message you get are daunting.  I have ended up setting up a rule on my computer where they are marked as read and put in the trash.  Then if I need to do a quick search for something (like a new cell phone) I just search phone i my e-mail and see what is out there.

As an artist, I don’t see this working.  My vision with Art-cycle would be to have built a connection of business owners and artist/teachers where if anyone has 10,000 small multicolored triangle or a cup of baby blue paint they could post it on Art-cycle and if any artist a part of the group could use it, they contact the “supplier” and make arrangement for taking off their hands.  Maybe in the future, we could have a place.  I know this was piloted before in Orlando but I am not sure they are still open.  (If you have any information on this please comment below.  I’d rather support something someone else is doing.)

In the mean-time, there is a free-cycle store which meets from 2-6 on the first Saturday of the month.  It is held at and sponsered by Ethos Vegan Kitchen in the Ivanhoe neighborhood. Ethos is owned by Kelly and Laina Schockly.  (Laina is Tia Meer’s sister, who established the Simple Living Institute in Orlando) If you haven’t experience Ivanhoe yet, you should come out on a first Saturday.  Have lunch at White Wolf or Ethos, shop around, the head on over to the free-cycle shop on the Ethos patio.  For more information about the store, e-mail

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