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Creative Little Ways to Get Known (on a budget.)

May 5, 2010

I am a big believer that the best way to get your name out there is to keep you name in front of people.  One way is to be active in your community.  This is a great way to do the things you have always had interest in but not the time.  Not only will you get your name out there but you will spur your own creative juices, bringing about needed partnerships, as well ideas for doing what you do better.  Here is my list of ideas for getting known.

Write: write an article or feature and donate it to a local paper.  Don’t make it about your business so much as something you can provide info about.  Don’t worry, your name will be seen.  Plus if you write too much about your business, you will come off looking tacky.

Volunteer: design websites, make jewelry, own a bakery???  Think about what our community has that can be mutually beneficial.  Since I make things I have been playing around with the idea of teaching classes in the homeless shelter.  Not only will I teach these women skills but model hope to maybe start their own business.  Depending on your business, the way you contribute will look very different.

Go to anddesign yourself a giftcard and put you co. name on it.  Pull it out to pay for drink and use it to talk with possible partners/customers  about you business.  Here is mine!

Be a Part of Your Community:  There is a great many models in Orlando of businesses who are doing this who can be found on the Ourlando board.  These members, myself included, are constantly giving of their time, money, and expertise to make our community a better place.  We have hosted Food Fights where we introduce our community to OUR local farmers!  We highlight our local business and teach the community of the importance of supporting our neighbor first.  You don’t have to join a “Keep Austin Weird” kinda group though, join the chamber of commerce, the local Art Museum, host a community meet up.

Don’t let you business pull you away from people but use your business to bring people together.   A few good examples:  Ryan Price (Ryan Price Media) and his work with the Florida Creatives and Seed, Orlando’s Art Alliance,  Lance Turner (Aeon Blu) and Julie Norris (Dandelions Communitea Café) and their work with Ourlando and the Local Food Alliance.  And hey… the more you are involved you will see a greater return as you won’t be the only one talking about your business.

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