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New stores keepin it real. (Does anyone say that anymore??)

August 26, 2010

There have been lot’s of changes, 2 new store and 2 stores leaving.  Katie at Forever Frames is leaving for her next new big adventure and our partnership is dissolving.  We wish her all the best on this VERY exciting time.  Katie has been such an encouragement and supporter of arts in our community.  She will be leaving a big crater-hole.  Be sure to thank her for all of her awesome work!

We also are dissolving our partnership with Cara studios for various reasons… It was a great partnership, especially when we were first getting started.  We wish Leslie continued success in her endeavors.

One new shop is in Winter Park, Kendall and Kendall Hair Color Studio.  I met the salon manager at the Honda dealership when I was having my car fixed.  Crazy, huh?  Well, we are the perfect fit.  Support them and thank them for making it a priority to support a local artist!

Another new shop is Downtown Diva.  Check out their site, so cute!  This is our first store in East Orlando!!!  I am especially excited about this as we have lot’s of fans at UCF!  Cory and her staff are amazing.  Warning, if you shop here you will become friends with the owner… so if you like impersonal, super-uber coorperate style shopping, you should stick to mall of millenia.  Hey, I’m just saying.

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